Friday, April 29, 2016

Cherry Blossoms

Now that it's the end of April, spring is in full bloom.  In late March, I went home for the weekend of Easter.  My family visited D.C. on Saturday to see the cherry blossoms with my cousins.  Although we live about 45 minutes from D.C., we still don't visit enough.  It was my first time at the Cherry Blossom Festival and it was absolutely beautiful.  

There were so many people there.  My dad said this was the best he would ever see the cherry blossoms, because he was never driving through all of these people again.  If I ever do go again, I would go early in the morning before the crowds arrive.  Going early, you could probably find parking closer to the Jefferson Memorial.  If you go later in the day, I would recommend taking the metro.  While there aren't metro stops at the festival, by the time it's late afternoon, the only parking available is past the closest metro stop anyway.  If it's a nice spring day, a walk along the Mall to the cherry blossoms just enhances the D.C. experience, especially when there are so many different food trucks to stop at along the way!

The outfit I wore here is a timeless classic.  You can never go wrong with a white button downdark jeans, and Sperrys.  My watch is fairly old, but you can find a similar one here.  I would highly recommend any Kate Spade watch; I am big fan of all of their products. (See my planner, here.)

We ended the outing with a gorgeous sunset on our walk back to the car.  It was a wonderful day with my family; sometimes the best times are spent doing simple things together.  Special thanks to my cousins for taking pictures of me!

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While I was writing this post, my roommate showed me an awesome Maroon 5 Medley.  I would have to say this is my song of the week.  With Victoria Justice and Max Schneider, it reminds me of the days when I used to go home, watch Nickelodeon, and not worry about anything!  Would you all be interested in a song of the week every post?  If you want to see more of what I listen to, you can follow me on Spotify, here

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