Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Back to School

So after quite a long hiatus, I am back to blogging!  After my first post I had a whirlwind of final exams, then I got sick after finals, recovered enough for Christmas celebrationsthen relapsed and got sick again after Christmas day.  When I was finally well my last week of winter break, I took these pictures with Lauren (shown above enjoying her coffee at Shoes) in Leesburg.  I love Leesburg and all of the quaint shops and restaurants in the Downtown area.

Since I was sick for the majority of my 3-week winter break, I spent a lot of time watching movies, especially old movies (post on that coming soon).  But because of this lump-on-a-log mentality, and how my break was in general (see my New Years, here or hereI was not ready to get out of my relaxation station and go back to school.  Nevertheless, I had to go back to JMU and prepare for a semester of difficult business classes.

I have always firmly believed in the statement “Dress for Success” and even if I was, or still am, not mentally ready for classes, I can at least dress like I am.  In college, each year I have the opportunity for two different “first day” outfits since we have new classes each semester.  This look, ponytail and all, is about as school-girl I can get while still maintaining my college-level style maturity.  My outfit here mostly comes from my sister’s closet, but I’ve tried to find similar pieces that I’ve listed below.

I could not find my sister’s necklace anywhere, but I am fairly certain she bought it at Charming Charlie a while ago.  However, I did find earrings at CC that were similar to the ones I wore.

My favorite back to school item was my new Kate Spade agenda that I got for Christmas!  Being organized and cute makes going back to school a little less painful.

What’s your favorite/ least favorite part about going back to school?  Comment below!